For all of your Interactive and Team Building needs
Team Building
Bungee Run                                                                  
Bungee Trampoline                                                                
Giant Slide                                                
Giant Waterslide                             
Gladiator Joust                                                        
Hard Rockwall                 
Hippo Slide
Human Bowling                  
Human Foosball                                                      
inflatable Basketball              
Military Madness Obstacle
Miniature Golf Course                                                         
Mount Avalanche Climbing Wall
7 Element Obstacle Course
Sabretooth Tiger Slide
Speed Pitch                                                        
Sumo Wrestling                                                      
Survivor Zipline                       
Trackless Trains  and
much,much ,more ....                                    
Bootcamp Obstacle Course
Survivor Zipline
Military Madness Obstacle
Lagoon of Doom
Obstacle Challenge - This is a fast paced relay. Each person must run through the course  
crawling, jumping and climbing to get to the end. The team that finishes first is the winner. This
game can be played one on one or in teams.
Wall of Success - Players "climb" their way to the top of a rockwall Once they reach the top, they descend and the next player
makes the climb.
arena. They try to knock their opponent off of their pedestal using foam filled joust poles. Since this is a game of skill and
balance, David CAN beat Goliath.
Inflatable Super Hoops - A double inflatable basketball game. One player from each team competes in a fast paced
basketball relay. Each teams cumulative score determines the winning team.
lanes as fast as they can, attempting to place their velcro baton further than the other. Teams total their score to
determine the winner. Can be played one on one or in teams
Human Foosball - An inflatable version of the popular table game. Five players from each team are harnessed to
their control rods and, like the table game, can move laterally to kick the ball but not forward or backward.
Why is Team Building Necessary ?

Getting people to work together is an essential part of every day life. Team Building motivates and improves communication.
Players learn to work together and appreciate the talents of their team mates. Our interactive activities are designed to get full
highlights; communication, leadership, trust, efficiency and fairness
Quad Jump
The Hippo Slide