Mechanical bulls: Mechanical bulls are a great way to liven up any party.  All the bulls come with a trained and
certified operator and a $1M liability policy, to which we can name your company as additionally insured.  All
operators strive to ensure that every ride is both fun and safe.

Rodeo Roper: Yee-hah! Move ‘em out. Not just for a country western party, the Rodeo Roper is a "kick in the
pants" for any event.  The calf  travels down a 10-20' long track  Released by a tap of the rider's heel, the calf flies
out from under  to be lassoed by the Buckaroo (that’s you). The calf resets automatically to speed cowboys and
cowgirls through the roundup. This game gets the crowd whooping and hollering and 40 people per hour can
participate. Rent the Rodeo Roper for a yippee kay yay event!

Quick Draw Competition: Two contestants strap on holsters and six-shooters to settle disputes, end arguments
or vie for a raise with the boss (blank primers only, of course). They are taught the finer points of the art of the Quick
Draw from real gunslingers and upon a signal from the judge, the first to draw, cock, and fire wins that round. If you
have ever wanted to try your luck in a showdown, we make it safe and fun.  Best 2 out of 3 wins.

Steer Roping: Learn how to rope like a real cowboy.  Fake steer heads are attached to bales of hay, and the
players are taught the finer points of roping.  They stand back 10' away from the steer heads and throw the rope.  A
prize can be affixed under the steer head to be awarded to the roper who is able to successfully lasso the head.

Desperado Photos:  We'll provide the costumes, props, backdrop, wanted posters (for frames), the
Photographer and assistant to dress guests or we’ll have cowboys and saloon girls show up with costumes to
provide for your guests and they will pose with your photographer!  Your guests take home a souvenir of the event.
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